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BnB Promotions supports bed and breakfast owners and vacation rentals with improving their online presentation, and with this stimulating their bookings and reservations. With the help of a tailored marketing strategy and a targeted promotional approach we aim at enthusing and engaging with future guests.

Our marketing support includes all the ingredients needed for the successful promotion of your accommodation. From strategy to web design, from social media management to booking portal registrations and from press promotion to customer relationship: BnB Promotions’ expertise ensures you will stay ahead of competition!

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“Less worries, more bookings”

Do you aim at an optimized and appealing online and visual representation of your vacation rental? Do you also feel the need to experience less worries and more bookings? BnB Promotions assists in developing a customized and effective marketing strategy that contains all the ingredients needed for enthusing your future guests.

‘Market positioning’ is where we kick off in effectively promoting your accommodation, in which we develop a customized marketing strategy. During a one on one consultancy your accommodations’ unique selling points will be defined. Furthermore we will discuss your learnings and wishes for successfully promoting your vacation rental. This leads to a ‘Plan of Action’ containing seven result driven recommendations for improving your business.

  • Evaluation of current presentation and marketing ingredients
  • One on One consultation (via Skype 1.5 hours)
  • Plan of action with 7 recommendations



“Your online business card”

An appealing website is indispensable for any bed and breakfast or vacation rental. It is the first and most important step in connecting with your (future) guests. Setting up and maintaining a professional website is a time-consuming effort. BnB Promotions supports with both the development of your website and the content management involved. We also assist in optimizing its findability in Google.

Today, smartphones and tablets drive the bulk of internet use – 70 to 80 percent of all web content is seen on mobile devices! Chances are, if your website has been built four years ago or longer, it will properly not be optimized for use on current-day devices. Just put your website to the test and view it on your smartphone or tablet, this is how a visitor most likely experiences your website. Does it require an upgrade to make it ‘mobile friendly’?

BnB Promotions offers an extensive scan of your website for optimization on current devices, followed by our ‘7 recommendations’ on how to improve its mobile presentation. Recommendations you can either work on yourself, or with the additional support of BnB Promotions.

  • Quick scan of current website
  • One on One consultation (via Skype)
  • Plan of action with 7 recommendations


In the fast traffic and short concentration span of the internet, a first impression often is a lasting one. The design and appearance of your website play a major part in this. Are your accommodations’ images appealing enough? Do they sell and tell what you are offering in the right way? Do the visitors of your website intuitively know where to find more information or how to request a booking?

Knowledge of this type of ‘interactive webdesign’ requires specific experience and skills, on which BnB Promotions offers you all the support you need.

  • Quick scan of existing website
  • Plan of action
  • Website design and development

COSTING: from € 350

Having a website is one thing, maintaining it is another. Websites with obsolete or wrong information don’t entertain visitors for long, and there’s the way we browse the internet to take into consideration as well: Google, for instance, favors websites with up to date content and information. If you are struggling with managing the content of your website and keeping it up to date, BnB Promotions gladly offers you assistance or coaching about optimizing your digital ‘storytelling’.  
How do future guests find their way to your accommodation on the internet? And how does your website compete with online giants like or Airbnb? BnB Promotions specialises in creating web content that is relevant for your ‘search engine optimization’ or SEO. By applying the right kind of keywords and converting them into a ‘search engine friendly text’, we ensure that the Google findability of your accommodation will improve.

  • Quick scan current SEO ranking
  • Keywords inventory
  • Website SEO upgrade

COSTING: € 250

Social Media

“Be Social and enthuse your future guests”

Promoting your accommodation and connecting with your audience via Social media is a necessity these days. Being active on social platforms isn’t a question, it is a must! Potential guests are mostly active on a variety of Social Media channels, like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc. Therefore the question is: how do you engage with them to begin with and how do you keep engaged once you have connected with your future guests?

It goes without saying that managing your social media channels takes up a good amount of time and energy, on a daily and weekly basis. Time in most cases you can’t spare, so why not ask a professional to create and manage your content? BnB Promotions offers support in setting up your Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest pages, in which we develop an ongoing flow of content that matches with your accommodation and target audience.

It’s nigh impossible to engage with all relevant social media channels at once. Do you already own a Facebook or Instagram page? And what content do you share with your followers? How many likes do you receive and how important are they? The Social Media Coaching that we provide helps you find the right answers to these questions, and many others. Our coaching sessions are customized and offer you all the know-how for effectively promoting your accommodation on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter.

  • Starters Manual
  • Bi-Weekly Newsletter with Practical Tips (10 Editions)
  • Bi-Weekly Facebook Live Chat Session
  • 24/7 hotline (via Email)
  • One one One Coaching * (via Skype / Upon Request)

COSTING: € 250

* This component is subject to a different fee

Up to seventy percent of your guests finds their preferred vacation rental through the internet. Besides this the world wide web is also often used for sharing compliments and complaints, in which Social Media plays a leading role. Therefore keeping a service minded eye on your social media accounts is of the utmost importance. Responding (on time) and providing information via your social channels Is paramount for professionally engaging with your audience.

Social Media is also relevant voor engaging with your (future) guests by enthusing them with appealing content about your accommodation or region. This is important to keep them connected and therefore requires the right tone of voice and frequent posting. Getting the most out of your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page asks commitment and creativity, which is and can be time consuming.

BnB Promotions offers assistance in managing your social media channels by developing and scheduling content that matches your accommodation and target audience. We will push the reach of your social pages and engage with your (future) guests.

  • Maintenance and content management of social media channels
  • Coaching session(s) about how to manage your own content
  • iMonitoring

COSTING: € 125 (monthly)

Graphic Design

“Get the best out of your visual presentation”

The visual presentation of your bed and breakfast or vacation rental play a significant part in its marketing and positioning. Apart from the use of images, graphic design can enhance the identity and look and feel of your accommodation: an appealing and professional logo or corporate identity, flyer or brochure, newsletter or emailing campaign keeps your visitors connected. BnB Promotions takes the importance of a strong visual identity at heart and offers its support and knowledge on all matters concerning high quality visual design.

Do you want to boost the visual presentation of your accommodation with a professional corporate identity or logo? Or do want to highlight an activity, event or theme with an appealing flyer or brochure? BnB Promotions’ experienced designers are happy to support you with all your design challenges, from coordination to consultancy, both online and offline.

  • Advice, coordination and / or realization, tailored to:
  • Corporate identity and / or logo
  • Flyers and / or folders
  • Ads and / or banners
  • Offline and online

Costing: upon request


Media Exposure

“Additional PR ingredients to expand your reach”

Do you want to make sure that your bed and breakfast or vacation rental appeals to the right target audience? Then it definitely would be worth your while to engage with your audience via additional channels, like booking portals or online and offline media (magazines, bloggers, influencers etc.).

Broadly speaking, booking portals are often seen as ‘necessary evil’ by small business owners: registering and creating your account and advertisement take up a lot of time and effort, and the competition on these portals is quite overwhelming. Therefore BnB Promotions offers support in the registration process and optimisation of your accommodation on relevant booking portals such as Airbnb,, Micasu, TripAdvisor and Zoover. To ensure that your bed and breakfast or vacation rental gets the introduction and online presentation possible.

  • Booking Portal Registration (max. 3 portals)
  • One on One consultancy (via Skype)
  • Content creation (text and images)
  • Content management

COSTING: € 200

  • Booking Portal Optimization (max 3 portals)
  • One on One consultancy (via Skype)
  • Content management (text and images)

COSTING: € 175

BnB Promotions has a sizeable network of media and blogger contacts in the Netherlands. We’ll be glad to put this to use for expanding your reach amongst different target audiences. With a focus on ‘storytelling’ your accommodation could be a topic of interest to magazines, websites and communities, a feature in a travel report, a top ten list of vacation rental tips et cetera. This kind of exposure does not often come for free and it requires a budget or investment to be made. BnB Promotions not only aims at creating the right story, but also at getting the best deal and exposure in place.

  • Inventory (via Skype)
  • Content creation
  • Active media approach
  • Coordination to realize item

COSTING: upon request

To guests, your accommodation is only part of their vacation planning. Things like the entourage, the region, cultural activities or means of transport are equally important. Which nearby restaurants are of interest to them? Does your accommodation or region suit the needs of shop-a-holics, or nature lovers? At BnB Promotions, we believe in the cooperation between accommodation owners and local tourist oriented businesses, retail, restaurants, et cetera. We help you set up partnerships, promotions and exclusive arrangements between you and local (or even international) businesses, to ensure that your accommodation has that special ‘extra’ to offer.

COSTING: upon request


Customer Relations

“Embrace guests as business ambassadors”

‘Word of mouth’ and a personal recommendation will always be the best promotional tool to engage your future guests, even long after they’re gone. Even a fully fledged website with relevant information can’t beat a positive review from one of your guests. But how do you get the most out of these opportunities? Which tools do you actually use for creating a customer or ‘guest’ relationship?

BnB Promotions has extensive customer relationship experience and will provide you with practical examples which will turn your guests into ‘business ambassadors’.

Research into holiday preferences shows guests like to stay informed about relevant news of their favorite holiday destinations, and it goes without saying that this also could concern your accommodation. It is important to stay top of mind and also to stay in touch with your (future) guests. This can be done via newsletters, blogging or vlogging. A time consuming effort, therefore BnB Promotions assists in setting up a content campaign, design or page (blog).

We offer our advice on topics to be used, from sharing entertaining facts to details on cultural events, and everything in between. All the right ingredients to grow a more personal connection between you and your guests.

  • Newsletter: template design (Mailchimp)
  • Blog page / posts: set up and design
  • Content- and database management

COSTING: upon request

Volunteer Recruitment

“An extra pair of hands in times of need”

For most vacation rental owners ‘summertime’ does not stand for a relaxing moment of the year, in fact it is the time work needs to be done, guests need to be entertained, the lawn needs to be mowed and so much more. A busy period where an extra pair of hands are most welcome… but how do you find such reliable and suitable support on sometimes such a short notice?

BnB Promotions offers assistance in finding the right people for the right tasks. We map and translate your wishes into vacancies, which we then share within leading international communities and portals for seasonal work and volunteers.

  • One on One consultancy (via Skype)
  • Content management (text and images)
  • Community job / message posting

COSTING: € 150

We believe in the strength of promoting your accommodation over the internet... But we also still believe in the power of human communication.

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